Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Eating the Mediterranean Way

 I believe this is one of the healthiest way to eat! ~

12 quick tips for a healthy diet.

Food is far more than sustenance. The dishes we eat are often imbued with family traditions, cultural history and even personal memories—and that’s as it should be. But as studies around the world have shown, eating patterns as different from ours as those in Sweden and India can be tweaked to take advantage of the health benefits associated with traditional Mediterranean Diets. 

Here's how:
  1. Replace butter with olive or canola oil whenever possible.
  2. Snack on nuts, seeds or fruit instead of processed foods.
  3. Include a generous leafy green salad with most dinners.
  4. Help yourself to whole-grain bread, pasta, rice and other grains.
  5. Fix at least a couple of vegetarian meals every week.
  6. Add a dish or two that contains legumes (beans and lentils) to your weekly menu.
  7. Have fish (not fried) at least twice a week.
  8. If you eat meat, favor chicken and other poultry.
  9. Eat red meat only occasionally, and in small servings.
  10. If you drink, have no more than a glass or two with a meal.
  11. Enjoy fruit for dessert.
  12. Set aside enough time to savor every bite. 
  13. New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook