Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Saw this on another site! Love the idea... I think I shall have to make this table for my craft room!!

Doors Galore

Although I have been working diligently on DIY projects around the house lately I have been missing my old design job at Woodard Station and the creative environment that I loved so much. With this in mind I decided to take you along for the ride down memory lane...

One of the best parts about working for the company in which I did is that my boss had a huge warehouse full of items ready for "up-cycling". Now, if you have never heard of this term it is the new thing to do and you better jump on the band-wagon people. It's were you take something (anything from what some might consider garbage to furniture that needs a little TLC) and instead of throwing it away in order to get something you new you recycle it but make it better, hence the term "up-cycle". The warehouse had everything from office furniture to old pipes for us to utilize and I absolutely loved it!

Another part of my job was the sheer joy of designing show lofts. The purpose of these lofts were to stage the scene so people interested could visualize themselves living there. Another aspect was to fix the areas which some viewing the loft might be concerned (i.e. counter space). One of my most favorite lofts was lacking in this particular area and was one of the first comments made by potential tenants.

Now, I could have gone out and purchased a brand spankin' new temporary island for this loft however this was not the way we rolled. Instead my gears started turning and after talking to some of the oh so talented builders the decision was made to up-cycle and door to make a one of a kind island:

As you can see, the top of the island is an antique door (minus the hardware) and to prevent the paint from chipping either further (food+paint=ewww) a coat or two of polyurethane was used. There was also a 1/4" tempered glass sheet laid over the top to ensure an even prep space but since it's clear you can still see it's unique beauty.

I designed the base of the island so that the bar stools could be pushed flush underneath in order to maximize the space in this galley kitchen. I also added the shelf in order to add additional storage space for kitchen supplies.

{re-do breakdown}
Door - $0 (re-used from a previous building)
Glass - $75
Wood - $0 (re-used from a previous building)
Polyurethane - $0 (purchased for a previous project)
Total: $75