Monday, January 19, 2015

Pallet Bed

Ohh I really like this!!!
DIY PALLET SWING BED I will have this in my yard someday

Really, who needs or even wants a hammock anymore if you can have this? Clearly, living in a city or an apartment, this is just not doable, but, I’m sure there is a way to make it somewhat possible.

At you can learn how to turn old pallets into a fun and I’d imagine, super comfy outdoor “chill” area.

Depending on your size, or how many people you actually expect to be sitting on this at once, I’d think you’d only need 2, maybe 3 pallets. Living in an a smaller home with not a big back yard, I’d probably just go for pallets that are large enough to use a matress the size of a toddler bed, and trust me, that bia would be mine and mine alone! Just something to actually read or write on and actually relax on!

All you need is the pallets, a mattress, and some nice, tough, and sturdy ropes to tie the pallets up to. Mind you, you need to make sure that it can secure your weight. But hey, we all know that that “weight limit” can change in a minute, so please, give yourself a little extra strength behind it.