Saturday, February 04, 2012

No-Glue Newspaper Seedling Pots

I think this idea is brilliant! Who doesn’t get sale flyers each week in the mail or read a newspaper. What to do with them? Here's a step-by-step fold up a tiny pot perfect for starting seedlings. The best part-no glue or other supplies needed!

These seedling pots will disintegrate easily, they do not allow for over-watering, and they are free! I definitely prefer them to last year’s egg carton method.

You’ll need: some newspaper & a small bottle (my ibuprofen bottle works great)

Step 1: Tear off one half-sheet of newspaper.

Step 2: Fold it in half.

Step 3: Roll your newspaper piece around your bottle tightly.

Step 4: With the bottle still inside, fold one half down against the bottle’s bottom. Then fold the opposite side down.

Step 5: You’ll be left with a point. Tuck it into the fold like this.

Step 6: Smash it down good. It should stay in place. It may take a few to perfect your folding, but leaning pots can be supported by the others.

Step 7: Make a tear about two centimeters long on one side of your pot, and then again on the opposite side.

Step 8: Lay your pot down and fold the edge down one cm, and then fold a second time as far as your tears allow. Flip it over and fold twice on the back, too.

Step 9: If you squeeze your torn ends together your pot will get its shape back. Hopefully it can stand on it’s own, like this one. Repeat this folding process as many times as necessary. It goes much faster after you’ve done a few.

Step 10: Place them on a tray that won’t mind getting wet and dirty. Fill with dirt, water thoroughly, and add your seeds. Stick them in a warm and sunny window.

Step 11: If your window lacks the warmth, use cellophane to cover your seed-lets until they are well sprouted.