Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Simple Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner


So...the other day I was finishing up the dishes of the day and hand-scrubbing the jelly roll pans (cookie sheets), because they don't fit in the dishwasher, and was quite appalled when I realized just how stained and nasty-looking they were!

In my defense...I have had these pans a LOOOONNNNGGGG time! They have seen a LOT of kitchen "action" since then.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago, I started using foil on my cookies sheets EVERYTIME I used them. Saves me SOOOO much clean up time...and grief. These pans have seen a LOT of abuse over the years.

As I stared at the pans I wondered how my "miracle" cleaner would work on these. A couple of weeks ago I shared how the "miracle" of baking soda and peroxide had pretty much changed my life!

My "miracle" cleaner couldn't possibly work on them....or could it?? hmmmmm. You know I had to find out.

Well, like they say....a picture's worth a thousand words!

I cleaned HALF of this pan and left the other 1/2 untouched to show the stark difference! And honestly, it really didn't even take a whole lot of scrubbing to get it to look like this! My husband thinks I am insane....I was practically GIDDY cleaning my disgusting pans! :-) I DO have to tell you though...the stuff in the corners and on the sides of the pan were MUCH harder (almost impossible) to get completely clean. I managed to get a LOT of the build-up off...but those areas were much more of a challenge. I doubt I'll get them completely clean...but it's such a vast improvement...I really don't even care. :-)

Anyway, I just couldn't resist sharing another cleaning success story using my "miracle" cleaner. Hopefully some of you out there get as excited about this stuff as I do. If you haven't tried it it!
You'll be amazed!!!